Jenn Sterger Suing Former Manager of Lil Favre Pics

Jenn Sterger blew it.

When the Lil Favre texting scandal started, she could have cashed in— but instead, she received some horrible advice and all she can show for it is legal bills; a soiled reputation and no foreseeable career in the media.

This should have been a game winning drive for Sterger but instead, she threw an Favre like INT.  She is suing her former manager who is trying to cash in on her failure.

Neil Johnson of the Tampa Tribune reports that Sterger has sued her former manager Phillip Reese over his possession of texts and emails related to the Brett Favre scandal.

Sterger claims that Reese plans to use the emails and texts in a book that he’s writing.  Reese works for a PR agency in New York, but apparently has signed a book deal to write about his involvement in the Favre fiasco.  Sterger is asking a judge in Hillsborough County, Florida to invalidate an apparent separate book agreement Sterger entered with Reese.

My question is what woman sends naked pics of a man, to another man and what man saves those pics for future use?

Even if it was Brett Favre, that seems a bit odd— even stranger that he is putting it in a book. But everyone trying to get paid off “Lil Favre”.

3 thoughts on “Jenn Sterger Suing Former Manager of Lil Favre Pics

  • It seems that Jenn Sterger is not the sharpest tool in the shed…PEACE.

  • Yeah there's a reason I never pitied her in all of this… too stupid to know better apparently

  • What kind of book can he write from this bullsh*t…and who would read it anyway…we all know the story so what can he tell us…and why the hell would anybody need to see pics of lil Farve…..

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