Jets Matt Slauson Moving Into Parents’ House Because of Potential Lockout

You can look at this two different ways.

Either he is humbling himself, understanding it is a recession and since he isn’t a millionarie decided to cut corners wherever he can or he just hasn’t managed him money correctly if he has to move back into his mom’s house in the event of a lockout.

I’ll tell you which one I believe after Jocks and StilettoJill gives you the details:

Jets guard Matt Slauson has moved his wife and baby in with his parents while the labor deal is being worked out as a precaution to save money.

“I’m constantly working with my budgets, I know that this week could be my last week in the NFL, and then I won’t have any more checks coming in.” Slauson said to The New York Times

If Slauson was single, I wouldn’t think much of it, but considering he is married with a baby, I don’t think getting an apartment would have been so hard.

I get the budget thing and no one wants to homeless, but he went straight to the parents’ house?  Even after taxes lets say he took home $250,000 last year, if you get an apartment for say $1200 a month that is $14,400 for 12 months.

What exactly did Slauson spend all his money on?

As a man moving back in with your parents should be a last resort, not the first one.  Wonder what his wife thinks?  Probably doesn’t care, he might want to check and see if they baby is Mark Sanchez’s child.

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  • $1200 a month for rent? In the NYC area?


    Good luck with that.

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