John Salley: Scottie Pippen “Not Smarter” Than The Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons’ “Bad Boys” teams were known for dishing out punishment on the court, but judging from the latest exchange between Scottie Pippen and John Salley, the Bad Boys can hand out verbal smackdowns as well.

It began a few weeks back during a 20th anniversary celebration of the Chicago Bulls’ 1991 championship team when Pippen told the Sun-Times that the Pistons were a “nasty team” and that the Bulls were “faster, quicker, more competitive and smarter.”

In an interview with, Salley begged to differ with that last part.

“They were more athletic – and they were younger,” Salley said. “But obviously not smarter because we’re not talking about him 22 years later. He’s talking about us.”

Then Salley laughed.

Ouch. Although Salley does have a point. Y0u could even argue that he didn’t go far enough. Sure, the Bulls won in ’91 – beginning their decade of dominance – but that younger, more athletic and (allegedly) smarter team was dropped by the Pistons for three years in a row leading up to their breakthrough.

I guess winning wasn’t good enough. Then again, Pippen was always trying to step out of the shadows and be his own man so it shouldn’t be surprising that he still carries a chip on his shoulder.

5 thoughts on “John Salley: Scottie Pippen “Not Smarter” Than The Detroit Pistons

  • Well I'm sure his 6 rings will ease his pain.

  • Ummm, who the hell arent talking about the Bull teams of the 90's with the resurgence of the Bulls? When's the last time someone brought up any member of the Pistons from their hayday? Oh yea, when they speak about what a great job Dumars is doing with that team, currently. TALK ABOUT MOIST

    • Oh Please IBDAPOO, Pippen was a tremendous role player, that’s about the extent of his career and as for the hayday comment, Isiah won 2 championships without anyone from the top 50, can Pippen say the same? No, did Pippen ever won the Finals MVP, nope. Did Pippen ever will his team to victory, nope, just like his few years in Portland, Pippen proved he was nothing more then a second option! 1 more response, didn’t Dumars win the finals MVP…hmmm

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