Journalist Scott Rabb Gets “Quitness” Haircut..Continues Lebron James Slander


This journalist and I am using that term lightly is writing a book on Lebron called:


Call me crazy, but I don’t think the book will be very impartial.  Before the Cavs vs. Heat game Rabb decided to get a special haircut.

Got my hair cut yesterday. I’m here in my old hometown, and I needed a special cut, something to deliver a message to LeBron James, my nemesis. I’m writing a book about James — the Whore of Akron — and the Cavaliers and the Heat played on Tuesday night, their final meeting of the year. Thanks to serendipity, I had a seat three rows behind the Heat bench, so I wanted my head to represent my feelings. Literally.

Rabb is also having trouble finding African-American journalist for his book.
I’ve asked six men to speak with me for the book. All six have declined. I think there are various and valid reasons for that — my public vitriol toward James, my book’s title (The Whore of Akron), a reluctance to cede editorial control — but I think Jimi nailed it: I’m asking folks I don’t know, folks who don’t know me, to serve as my Negro tour guide. Twenty-plus years of working with some of America’s best editors and writers, yet I still don’t need two hands to count my African-American friends in the business. It takes no hands to count to zero.
Did he say “Negro tour guide”?
The thing about race and talking about these type situations, is that you have to be very careful not to randomly throw it out as a catch all to every critic, that you have that happens not to be the same color of you.
There were definitely racial overtones in the venom that Lebron has received from the city of Cleveland, but you don’t want to overlook that the way he left (I have no problem with him leaving he was a free agent) was a legitimate reason for some to feel salty about the situation.
My opinion of Mr. Rabb is that he knows exactly what he is doing. He doesn’t feel the amount of angst toward Lebron that he claims, but he is capitalizing off the raw emotion all over the country from the new found villainous nature of Lebron to sell a book.
He isn’t fooling me and hopefully he isn’t fooling you.


  1. Any white man using the word "negro" in the year 2011 needs to provide full and complete context, including a detailed and very descriptive background prior to using it in order for it not to be offensive.

    It would seem that the desire to sale a book has given him opportunity to freely flaunt bigoted opinions. I hesitate to say racist, as I am a believer that "racist" require some sort of power to influence the lives of those they portend to hate, and as he cannot even get in the Heat's building, he is more akin to the Archie Bunker bigot, the jive cracker that George spoke of, or a too break it down even further: a typical white muthafu***.

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