Kendrick Perkins: “Phil Jackson is Arrogant and Pau Gasol is Soft”

Tell us how you how you really feel, Perk.

Even though Kendrick Perkins is still recovering from injury, the one thing people said is that he would give Oklahoma City is some toughness.

After being a little heartbroken about leaving the Celtics, Perk seems to be fitting in well with the Thunder.

In the newest issue of ESPN the Mag , Perkins and Kevin Durant were both asked a couple of the same questions with both having mostly differing opinions. All of it was pretty interesting, but the question, “Lakers: Team to beat or old news?” brought out the best in Perk.

“Yesterday’s news,” he said. “I don’t like Pau Gasol or Phil Jackson. Phil is arrogant. Pau is soft. Kobe tries to bring out his toughness, but he’s still soft.”

We will see once Perkins gets back on the court if he provides a tangible difference for the Thunder— or how much losing him will hurt the Celtics.

I would say this should motivated Pau, but unlikely that is going to happen. I don’t think Gasol is soft— he just plays like a European big man and that is why Andrew Bynum is so important for the Lakers title run.

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