Kim Kardashian to Marry Kris Humphries? Does That Mean Nets Title in 2012?

It worked for Reggie Bush.

It worked for Lamar Odom.

If Courtney didn’t have Scott’s baby he would fighting Jose Canseco in Celebrity Boxing matches, instead of getting strippers in Vegas.

Maybe this was Jay Z’s plan the whole time?  To secretly plant Nets’ Kris Humphries into the Kardashian empire to guarantee a Championship for the Nets in 2012 or the Brooklyn Brawlers (my preferred name for them once they moved to Brooklyn) in 2013.

For Humphries, I would be running to the alter, granted they would be divorced in three years (I can’t see anyone actually listening to Kimmy every single day without going crazy), but the recognition and perks would outweigh the annoyance.

Ask Lamar Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian and her new beau Kris Humphries are rumoured to be getting very serious.

The basketball player hacked the reality TV star’s Twitter account and tweeted, “I am so happy my future husband just surprised me!”

When her friends inquired about the tweet, Kim responded, “Hump was playing on my phone. I will get him back!”

She calls him “Hump”, how cute.

Some say that is all she is ………………….never mind.

5 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian to Marry Kris Humphries? Does That Mean Nets Title in 2012?

  • Times sure have changed, the media is making a story from peoples Twitter pages. All these engagement rumors with the new guy are the same when she was with Reggie Bush.

    • Rich, it is a joke story meant to be amusing, don't take things so seriously

  • Damn..whenever I see those pics of Kim I'm like damn she's a fine *itch…..body is definitely bangin…..

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