Kobe Bryant Reacts to Loss to the Heat, by Practicing Jumpers After the Game


Frankly, Kobe had a pretty bad game against the Heat all things considered.

He started off on fire, but was ice cold the rest of the game. He had key turnovers and his 4th quarter defense on D Wade was iffy at best.

He hit two clutch 3s, but put up several bad shots.

Most players would shrug it off and go hit South Beach, but what makes Kobe different and why you might not like him personally, but you must respect his dedication to the game is that he knows he didn’t play well.

So before he goes to party or back to his hotel room, he is going to correct the problems even if that means shooting jumpers well after Chris Bosh has made his way back to Pandora.


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In the end, that is what Kobe will be remember for when the final chapter of his book is written.

In an era where players care more about being Icons than Championships, Kobe only cares about being the best basketball player he can be.

They asked Kobe after his hour plus session when he was on his way to the weight room, why the extra practice his answer?

“I had some things to work on.”

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