Lebron James Sued By Opera Nightclub..Paid 25k For reneged Club Appearance

This is one of those dirty little secrets that athletes don’t want you to know about. Even though they are making millions of dollars, they routinely get paid a lot of money to make appearances at local clubs when they are in a particular city.

I don’t knock the hustle, if someone is going to give you money to chill and have a bunch of women (and men in some instances) fawn over you, who wouldn’t do it?

I always found it ironic that some will use their electric bill money to get into VIP just to get a glimpse of a celebrity, when that same celebrity is getting paid just to sit there, it sort of backwards, but happens every weekend.

The benefit for the club owner is easy to figure out.

Lebron shows up at your club, plenty of hopeful Basketball Almost Wives in scantily clad outfits come out and in turn men who foolishly are trying to compete against the athlete for the ladies attention spend their rent money for a bottle of Ciroc they could have gotten at Walgreens for $15.

Opera Nightclub says they paid Lebron for such an appearance, but he backed out and they are going to court over it.

The Opera nightclub’s complaint filed Monday in Fulton County Superior Court says James canceled a March 17 appearance for which he was supposed to be paid $25,000. The suit also names the owners of the rival Gold Room nightclub.

Court papers say a representative for James accepted $15,500 in advance payments from Opera, then notified the club that James would appear at the Gold Room.

Opera nightclub attorney Yasha Heidari says he hoped to settle the dispute. A hearing has been set for Thursday on Opera’s request to ban James from making other appearances.

In laymen terms what this mean is that The Gold Room offered Lebron more money.  It is a nice side hustle, you do twenty club appearances a year that is well over 250k, could possibly buy a Bron a hairline or Chris Bosh a heart, but I digress.

Ironically I will be in Atlanta on the 17th, wonder how much I can get paid to show up?  A three piece from Popeyes is my current asking price.

5 thoughts on “Lebron James Sued By Opera Nightclub..Paid 25k For reneged Club Appearance

  • Don’t go to Opera or Gold Room. Go to Magic City and support the single mothers of the ATL.

  • Lebron is a spokesman for 7-Eleven hot dogs in Asia. No judgement, I'm just saying

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