Lebron James vs. Derrick Rose..Who is the Real MVP?

The debate on who should be MVP this season has narrowed its focus down to two players; Lebron James and Derrick Rose. Both players are having an outstanding season and both of them are probably worthy of the title, so who is the MVP? Whether you’re Team James or Team Rose probably depends on what you consider the MVP of the league to be. Is it the person who is dominating the league statistically or is the person who is having an outstanding season while doing more with less?

If you base the season on stats alone then you’re Team James. Lebron is leading Rose in points per game, field goal percentage, rebounds, blocks and steals, but does that mean that you’re the MVP of the league. Just because you’re leading the league statistically doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the Most Valuable Player to that team, let alone the MVP of the league. If you’re Team Rose you probably understand the impact that he has had on this team and he is definitely doing more with less. Rose has been essential in orchestrating the rise of the Bulls this season and if you take him out of the lineup I think that the Bulls will suffer tremendously. This is why I’m Team Rose. Lebron has won the MVP award the last two years and rightly so because he was definitely doing more with less playing for the Cavaliers. His impact on the success of the Cavaliers is was remarkable; just take a look at the Cavaliers since he’s been gone. With that in mind, I don’t think that the Heat would suffer as much if James were out of the lineup. Although James is currently having a great season, and his stats will definitely back that up, he has the help of Dwayne Wade and sometimes Chris Bosh. I think that the MVP award should go to the person who is the Most Valuable Player in regards to their team and to me that is clearly Derrick Rose. Without James it’s hard to say where the Heat would be. They would still have Wade and Bosh and while they would probably miss James, I think that they would be okay. On the other hand if you take Rose out of the Bulls lineup, I think that the Bulls would immediately go from contender in the East to without a doubt losing in the first round of the playoffs. So while the debate between Team James and Team Rose will linger on until the MVP is announced, but I think that it’s clear that Rose has earned the title this year.

2 thoughts on “Lebron James vs. Derrick Rose..Who is the Real MVP?

  • Derrick Rose, of course!

  • derrick rose and the bulls swept the heat this season, and i'm a heat fan. derrick rose is this season's mvp

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