Mark Cuban and Charlie Sheen in Talks For Show on HDNet

The Mavericks owner also owns the cable channel HDNet and is thinking about bringing in Charlie Sheen for a Reality or Talk Show. Sheen mentioned Cuban on his UStream, leading to speculation the two could be in business together.

Here are the details:

Cuban confirmed Sunday evening that he’s had several conversations with Sheen recently about developing programming for HDNet, the cable network Cuban owns.

“You’ve got somebody that everybody has a whole lot of interest in who’s doing some interesting things, to say the least, and we always look for interesting programming by featuring interesting people doing interesting things,” Cuban said before the Mavericks’ game against the Memphis Grizzlies. “I reached out and we’ve had some conversations, and we’re going to work on doing some things.”

If Dirk Nowitzki had some “Tiger Blood” in the 2006 NBA Finals the Mavericks and Cuban would have a ring.

3 thoughts on “Mark Cuban and Charlie Sheen in Talks For Show on HDNet

  • Are you fucking kidding me?Charlie Sheen is a moron,this guy has a laundry list of women abuse longer than you know what but he's still getting chances in life. What a piece of shit, Mark Cuban is as bad as Sheen if he's associated with him.

  • Cuban trying to get on the Charlie Sheen gravy train before it crashes….

  • Charlie is going into meltdown mode! However, all this guy wants to do is see his kids, but he's getting a load of grief from everyone. Not sure if he'll get his job back, though? – but I wish he does as I enjoy watching Two and a Half Men! Best wishes Chuck Sheen.

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