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Marvin Lewis on OchoCinco: “What Has He Ever Done That He’s Completed?”

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011
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I find it interesting that Marvin Lewis only has positive things to say about Carson Palmer, who has basically said he would rather Fade to Turkey than ever play for Lewis again, but he continually takes shots at Chad OchoCinco.

There isn’t any reason why he should be taking shots— Chad in general has said nothing bad about Lewis or the organization for months.

Ocho, while the lockout is going on, is doing what he can to keep himself in the spotlight including a soccer tryout for an MLS team in Kansas City. Check out what Lewis had to say about that:

Here’s Lewis on Ocho’s dalliance with Major League Soccer: “What has he ever done that he’s completed? What circle has he connected in any way?” Lewis asked.

Sort of like his quarterback not connecting the circle of fulfilling his contract?

If the Bengals and Lewis feel Ocho is this unreliable and a distraction then why is he still on the team?  Why hasn’t he been traded or cut?  Other players on the Bengals are seeing this and wondering when Lewis will turn on them while still kissing Palmer’s ass.

It is in bad taste and only a coach destined for failure would say these sort of things to the media.  Lewis is just showing his true colors and he is as immature, if not more than Chad.

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  1. Gail Naber says:

    Chad stayed in Cincinnati, Marvin! Seems like he finished something to me. He didn't quit on the Bengals, the Bengals quit on him. Go for it, Chad. I happen to love soccer:)

  2. FINALSHOT says:

    @Gail — I live in Cincinnati and bleed orange and black; get your facts straight. Chad has tried to leave numerous times, but the organization has kept him around. Every year Chad campaigns to get out of dodge (and for what it's worth I do not blame him).

    My point is, Chad stays in Cincinnati against his will, and if the Bengals had quit on him they would have traded him by now.

    • Gail Naber says:


      I was a lifelong Bengals fan, but not anymore! I can't even imagine what it would be like playing for an organization like the Bengals.

      What an embarrassemnt to the NFL! I believe if they wanted Chad gone, he'd be gone. It's my opinion that they gave up on him. Chad would probably flourish on another team…Maybe they should trade him, since they're all about the money, anyway!

      • wtuthill says:

        im like finalshot i bleed black and orange but if u diss a team just bc of a bad season that means ur just a bad fan ur supposed to stay wit ur team through thick and thin

        • Gail Naber says:


          I was a lifelong Bengals fan..I loved the Bengals just like you, but I just can't do it anymore. It's not because of one bad season, it's from years of mediocrity. It just hit me one day, and I just I decided I'm done!

  3. steve taylor says:

    yo man do ur thing i love u n my man t.o. kick more ass if u can!!

  4. James says:


    Ochocinco has been the sole. reason this team even gets an ounce of publicity. Personally, as a Pittsburgh fan, if it wasn't for Ochocinco this team would be on the same page as the Browns. Matter of fact, Peyton Hillis puts the Browns above the Bengals now anyway reading this article.

  5. Jeremy says:

    First off this post is nothing more then a bunch of Bull. 1) Granted Palmer wants to leave. BUT Palmer isn't going on radio show after radio show trying to get out like Chad did for a solid two off seasons. Plamer has shut his mouth, not made a issue out of it thru the press like Chad did. 2) I don't remember Palmer throwing a punch on a coach in a playoff game for not "getting the ball enough" even though at the time they were in a game and it was halftime. 3) Palmer doesn't make a joke of himself with ONLY self promoting, show boating, and not living up to what one says. etc like changing his name to a stupid attention grabbing name, calling out cornerbacks and then not backing up his talk or promises, and calling out his coaches, owners, and other teammates. 4)Self glossing and asking for the comments for years against Lewis and finally he is getting paid back and now it's Lewis who was and is being immature? There is a very big difference between "Johnson" (sorry that is his name not the retarded self gloss for attention) and Palmer one wanted out for years and now says he loves the city but talked bad, atacked the front office, and team. Palmer has said NOTHING publicily like Johnson did for two years. Get over it there is a HUGE difference.

    • your whole argument is invalid because Palmer sent out a press release to all media outlets including myself saying he wanted to leave.

      • Another Bob says:

        Correction, his Agent sent out a PR. For someone who talks a lot about the industry you don't seem to know much about how it works.

        Ochocinco has been a plague on the Bengals since 2007. They should have let him go to the Redskins for two first round picks.

        He freelances his routes, doesn't show up to OTAs, and is more worried about his next TV appearance than his next game.

        Lewis is right. Ocho is all talk and no walk. He couldn't back up his talk on the field. He won't fight Zibikowski in the ring. His shows were all laughed off the air. And this Sporting KC thing is nothing more than a publicity stunt and a waste of the time the club has to use evaluating him.

        • Drew Miller says:

          Apparently agents work for themselves. Do you honestly believe his agent sent that out against his will? The point is, the organization would rather lose out to prove a point than concede and improve the team. The Redskins offered a ton for Chad and Mike Brown turned it down to prove a point.

          As for Marvin Lewis, how can anyone in the NFL respect him as a head coach now. Sure, he was under contract before, but no one held a gun to his head to resign. He appears desperate and has no self-confidence. Bill Belichck can talk smack about his players, but, he doesn't. What did the Patriots say about Randy Moss after he left.

          I for one love it all since I'm a Raven's fan. Keep up the dysfunction Bungles!

          • Another Bob says:

            No dysfunction. It's clear Ocho won't be back in Cincy for 2011. As a Ravens fan, wouldn't you just love to see Chad try to box Zibi? But as usual he's all talk.

            Mike Brown is indeed an incompetent owner. And yes this reflects itself all the way down to the players. But if Marvin, who bless his soul, has had to deal with Chad for all these years wants to unload a little, so be it.

            Mike Brown loves Chad. Marvin does not. Mike has kept Chad in Cincy despite his wishes for many years now. Marvin would have let him go.

            Chad is a talker, not a walker, and that's the damn point. Chad calls Marvin a father figure, and I'd hope my dad would call me out when I was acting a fool.

            And as far as the Carson comment, the original commenter only noted that Carson has not come out publicly himself. Only through his agent. Of course his agent isn't working without his consent but Carson is trashing the city or anything.

      • Jeremy says:

        Rob correct Rob But that doesn't make it invalid at all! My point is Palmer is NOT being a jack ass going on radio shows and trying to gain attention for it. As Johnson has done twice! You can't compare the two at all! One is handling it on a adult level and the other like a immature child. I like how you say "Chad in general has said nothing bad about Lewis or the organization for months." So that makes it ok? He bad mouthed them, showed zero respect for his team in the playoffs, and continues to go against the league's rules. Also he is still on the team maybe because the league is in "locked out" mode. No team can do anything. Comparing the two players is night and day I'm not a Plamer fan at all! Hell I have a Johnson jersey HA! But one has done everything to disrupt a team for the past 5 years and been self absorbed and all about "Me" while the other has done that for what? a month? Let me know when Palmer changes his name for no reason but for he self permoting and attention, does dances in the end zone, twet's on the sidelines, challenges the coach to a fight, and fights during half time.

  6. @bub says:

    I think carson should go I mean look at his stats since the crybaby had his knee hurt I mean seriously chicken dnt be afraid to take a hit that's what ur paid the big money to do u girl boy!!! Give me a shot and I would take a shot anywhere to get paid!! Suck it up and move on sissy!! We dnt need u and as for chad I love ya bro stay awesome!!!!

    • Sobes says:

      although i'm a huge ocho fan, and agree that palmer is not the quarterback that many think he is, palmer's injury in that playoff game is of the worst kind. He had tears in his MCL and ACL! Those are the worst sports injuries out there, so stop trying to be funny and try a reasonable argument if you're going to talk shit.

  7. Ms_Nei says:

    I'll give it to Chad. He's self-promoted himself and it seems like its paid off for him handsomely (in addition to his NFL earnings).

  8. cory says:

    First, let me say that I have always been a huge Chad fan and not much of a fan of Carson. Having said that, you cannot begin to compare the two and the way Lewis treats them. Palmer has been extremely professional and respectful of the organization in his request to be relieved of his duties to the team. You have heard no public tantrums from him. When Chad decided that he wanted out, he went about it in an absolutely horrible manner, throwing everybody under the bus that he could. As far as Lewis' recent comments they probably have to do more with the fact that they simply have staunch differences in basic personality where Lewis and Palmer's personalities are more aligned.

  9. Chris says:

    Live in Cincinnati and have for about 10yrs now. Sorry, but Chad Johnson is no angel… he's a media whore, the things that he does are sad at best, and he actually thinks that people are laughing with him, when most are just laughing at him. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Palmer fan either, but Johnson is a clown. As far as him being the sole reason the team gets attention, it would be great if the attention was for a great play here and there, and not for some silly dance on the sideline with a silly costume, or a ridiculous name change. Johnson and Palmer both need to go, it's not like they're doing anything for the team to win anyway.

    • Kenny says:

      I clearly remember a game late in the season where Chad Johnson got hurt and was playing through it trying to carry his team to victory. He was the only one doing anything in the game and it's not like they were in playoff contention.

      Yes, he likes the publicity and he did do it the wrong way a few years ago. Since than he has supported the team and the coach more than anyone else. If you followed him on twitter you would see that he spoke nothing but good about the coach who is dissing him.

      All the dinners and giveaways he does is for publicity, but he still connects to the regular person more than most of the players. I think more people should be more about publicity if thats what it does.

  10. mario says:

    Says Jeremy is an idiot and does not know what he is talking about. Carson has dissed the Bengals by saying that he will retire before he comes back. He made this statement publicly how do you think we all know this. He loves this city because we cincinnatians made him rich which he smacked us in the face with by letting us all know exactly how much money he has. Chad is the heart and soul of this team without him there is no Carson. I'm glad he wants to leave cause I'm tired of paying for a soft loser anyway. Jeremy u need to Do a lil more research before u take up for a bust like Carson. Of course he hasn't complained he has made millions sitting on the bench faking injuries. A numb throwing arm come on. All that's left to say is good bye I hope he does retire cause I wouldn't want any other team to deal with the soft baby either. As for Marvin Lewis get a new playbook or go back to being a defensive coordinator cause he sucks as a head coach. Besides anyone could have won the superbowl with the ravens defense that he had. Marvin is the worst coach in the history of the NFL. By the way Carson has had one season that's even worth talking about and how did that end in injury! So for all you Carson lovers take Carson and his fake injuries and stick them where the sun does'nt shine.

    • Jeremy says:

      Mario PLEASE know the facts before you call out others. 1) Carson has NEVER stated anything from his own mouth! A source said Carson said that about the money 2) I would rather have Palmer then a fella who find twitter more important then a game, calls out rival cornerbacks and does nothing against them, slef promoting himself and caring NOTHING about the team, going on radio shows or ESPN and bashing the people who coach him and pay him to get traded, fighting with the coach (You know the guy who he is suppose to listen to) because he isn’t getting the ball enough during halftime in a game which they were in a tight game, who wasn’t even the number one WR on his team last year yet still couldn’t get open in single coverage with Owens getting the double team. I could go on and on Mario my friend. So before you call me out check the facts and know what the heck you’re talking about. Child Please…

  11. moe says:


  12. Tavaras says:

    Okay, everyone is saying what makes Carson so different from Chad. Plenty. Carson has carried himself professionally since he was drafted. He has finally had enough. Don't forget, fans allegedly threw trash on Carson Palmer's yard during this season. That is unacceptable. I would tell the fans to kiss my butt too. Fans like that don't deserve a winning anything. I knew when I heard about that, there would be trouble.

    Also, Carson is NOT the sole reason for the teams struggles. First off, in 2005, they had a line built for running and passing, and excelled at pass blocking. Now, the line is geared more toward run blocking. And they made the playoffs by RUNNING THE BALL. Look at the division Cincinnati is in. Its a winning formula for the division. So, Cincinnati gets TO, Chad, Gresham, and Shipley, lets dump what worked last year, and pass pass pass, make zero adjustments at halftime or during the season, and tank a season. Thank you Bobby Bratkowski. Two wide receivers who freelance routes, TO, making soft cuts across the middle and barely finishing his routes, Chad getting upset because he is not getting the ball while being double covered, there are bound to be problems. Any coincidence Carson's best game in YEARS was without those two against San Diego?

    Now, some of ya'll are defending Chad. As a Bengals fan, I did too. And I liked the change I saw for a while, but then, it seemed like it was to stroke his ego and satiate his desire for attention. And try as he much, I can't forget his pleading to be set free from the team a few years ago. And absolutely terrible season a couple years ago, and him working out away from the team. I believe he can be a very good WR still, but he needs to be a better TEAM player.

    I see some stark differences between how Carson and Chad are going about. And if Marvin is tired of Chad, so what? He is human. He isn't a hypocrite. People like who they like and tolerate what they tolerate. He has tolerated Chad for several years, people get tired. If some fans are tired, why can't Marvin be?

    • Tavaras says:

      Another thing…twitter is official news now? Joe Reedy couldn't get this into print? I have nothing against twitter or Joe Reedy, but, I'm a bit skeptical on it.

      Also, for all we know Marvin Lewis is being diplomatic in this situation. Yes, Chad is a key contributor to the team, but so is Carson. He is the QB. The centerpiece of the offense. He's upset, so you try to appease a bit. They did a little of that with Chad when he was upset and trying to leave.

    • mike says:


  13. Britt says:

    Thank you for writing this! Hopefully it will open peoples eyes to see just how awful Chad is treated by his staff…

    • mike says:


  14. mike says:


  15. Camille says:

    Marvin Lewis is a joke! How fitting that the worst coach in the league constantly finds someone to put the target on other thn his short comings! Sean Peyton. Bill Belichick. Jimmy Johnson. Nick Saban. Rex Ryan– all great coaches who have players that love & respect them bc THEY love & respect their players!! Can't believe this man still has a job!!

    • Tavaras says:

      Hold up…did someone just call Nick Saban a great coach? In college, sure. The pros, not even close. And Bill Belichick is an ego maniacal cheater who doesn't respect the coaches he plays against. Rex Ryan, I like him, but he could be termed as a blow hard and a bully. Now Peyton and Jimmy Johnson are cool. But none of them really have to deal with a player like Chad. And don't compare Michael Irvin to Chad, thats an insult to Irvin, and I like Chad. And we see what the Pats did to Randy…see ya. Marvin respects the players who respect the game. I question Chad's respect for it sometimes. Marvin was a D coordinator, so he doesn't really have a tolerance for the antics of Chad, especially since they haven't exactly materialized into anything. Your team is struggling, and you're celebrating and not taking things seriously. You're more concerned about the fact you aren't getting the ball like you would like. How does that sound?

  16. puerto-black says:

    Go Steelers!

    • Tavaras says:

      They Steelers got to go alright…then Big Ben turned into Neil O'Donnell out there.

      • puerto-black says:

        Your right. Big Ben is a overrated. however, you Must admit the Steel Curtain is what counts. D makes Champs

        • Tavaras says:

          And, the biggest weakness that Curtain has was exposed. I've said two things about that D for years. The corners are WAAAAY OVERRATED. And without Troy at 100%, that D plays differently and is highly suspect. How do you beat Pittsburgh, you don't run. It won't work. You hit them hard with the pass. Quick patters that nullify the blitzing and heavy rush. Slants are best. Corners can't get into position right and the backers aren't the best at pass coverage. Why do you think Jordy Nelson, who is essentially the NUMBER FOUR WR on the team carved them up like a turkey? Just saying.

  17. Jeremy says:

    Mario PLEASE know the facts before you call out others. 1) Carson has NEVER stated anything from his own mouth! A source said Carson said that about the money 2) I would rather have Palmer then a fella who find twitter more important then a game, calls out rival cornerbacks and does nothing against them, slef promoting himself and caring NOTHING about the team, going on radio shows or ESPN and bashing the people who coach him and pay him to get traded, fighting with the coach (You know the guy who he is suppose to listen to) because he isn't getting the ball enough during halftime in a game which they were in a tight game, who wasn't even the number one WR on his team last year yet still couldn't get open in single coverage with Owens getting the double team. I could go on and on Mario my friend. So before you call me out check the facts and know what the heck you're talking about. Child Please…

  18. Jon says:

    Chad trying out for soccer is a joke nothing more

    • Tavaras says:

      I don't quite think so. Chad has a sincere love and appreciation for soccer. I think its legit. Now, what are his chances of making the team? Long. Getting into a game, even longer. This is a move that could be mutually beneficial. Maybe more to the team. They have been re-branded and want to capitalize on the expansion of the league as well.

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