Marvin Lewis on OchoCinco: “What Has He Ever Done That He’s Completed?”

I find it interesting that Marvin Lewis only has positive things to say about Carson Palmer, who has basically said he would rather Fade to Turkey than ever play for Lewis again, but he continually takes shots at Chad OchoCinco.

There isn’t any reason why he should be taking shots— Chad in general has said nothing bad about Lewis or the organization for months.

Ocho, while the lockout is going on, is doing what he can to keep himself in the spotlight including a soccer tryout for an MLS team in Kansas City. Check out what Lewis had to say about that:

Here’s Lewis on Ocho’s dalliance with Major League Soccer: “What has he ever done that he’s completed? What circle has he connected in any way?” Lewis asked.

Sort of like his quarterback not connecting the circle of fulfilling his contract?

If the Bengals and Lewis feel Ocho is this unreliable and a distraction then why is he still on the team?  Why hasn’t he been traded or cut?  Other players on the Bengals are seeing this and wondering when Lewis will turn on them while still kissing Palmer’s ass.

It is in bad taste and only a coach destined for failure would say these sort of things to the media.  Lewis is just showing his true colors and he is as immature, if not more than Chad.

42 thoughts on “Marvin Lewis on OchoCinco: “What Has He Ever Done That He’s Completed?”

  • Go Steelers!

    • They Steelers got to go alright…then Big Ben turned into Neil O'Donnell out there.

      • Your right. Big Ben is a overrated. however, you Must admit the Steel Curtain is what counts. D makes Champs

        • And, the biggest weakness that Curtain has was exposed. I've said two things about that D for years. The corners are WAAAAY OVERRATED. And without Troy at 100%, that D plays differently and is highly suspect. How do you beat Pittsburgh, you don't run. It won't work. You hit them hard with the pass. Quick patters that nullify the blitzing and heavy rush. Slants are best. Corners can't get into position right and the backers aren't the best at pass coverage. Why do you think Jordy Nelson, who is essentially the NUMBER FOUR WR on the team carved them up like a turkey? Just saying.

  • Mario PLEASE know the facts before you call out others. 1) Carson has NEVER stated anything from his own mouth! A source said Carson said that about the money 2) I would rather have Palmer then a fella who find twitter more important then a game, calls out rival cornerbacks and does nothing against them, slef promoting himself and caring NOTHING about the team, going on radio shows or ESPN and bashing the people who coach him and pay him to get traded, fighting with the coach (You know the guy who he is suppose to listen to) because he isn't getting the ball enough during halftime in a game which they were in a tight game, who wasn't even the number one WR on his team last year yet still couldn't get open in single coverage with Owens getting the double team. I could go on and on Mario my friend. So before you call me out check the facts and know what the heck you're talking about. Child Please…

  • Chad trying out for soccer is a joke nothing more

    • I don't quite think so. Chad has a sincere love and appreciation for soccer. I think its legit. Now, what are his chances of making the team? Long. Getting into a game, even longer. This is a move that could be mutually beneficial. Maybe more to the team. They have been re-branded and want to capitalize on the expansion of the league as well.

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