Matt Painter to Mizzou??

Tomorrow morning, Purdue head coach Matt Painter will talk with Missouri school officials according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, I just have one question? Is Matt Painter High!?!?! No, He’s Smart.

Let me run down the brief resume of Matt Painter…

-Four Years as a Point Guard at Purdue (89-93)
-Captain of Purdue team in his Sr. Year
-HC at So. Illinois from (03-04) where he won MVC Coach of the Year.
-130-61 Career Record at Purdue
-Named Big 10 Coach Of The Year 3 Times (2008, 2010, 2011)

He’s a Purdue Guy, but here’s why he should be leaving.

Painter would be in another top notch conference with devoted fans, but why go to a place that has a hungry fan base that’s tired of seeing that school west of I-70 (Kansas, if you didn’t know) win the Big 12. His recruiting class at Purdue raises no excitement, and his best player would be Robbie Hummel and possibly Kelsey Barlow who was suspended before the NCAA Tournament. The cupboard would be almost bare in West Lafayette, IN. Missouri on the other hand, suddenly becomes the land of good and plenty. Missouri returns Marcus Denmon, Kim English, Mike Dixon, Flip and Matt Pressey with the possible addition of incoming recruits Ben McLemore and Otto Porter who are Missouri natives.

The biggest thing in all of this is the money, Missouri was ready to give Mike Anderson two million dollars to stay in Columbia, MO before he decided to skip town and go to Arkansas. With Painter’s success and seeing players who are ready to prove Anderson wrong, Missouri AD Mike Alden just needs to hand a blank check to Matt Painter and let him fill in the amount. Painter’s best days are ahead of him with the black and gold of Missouri, not with the gold and black of Purdue.

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4 thoughts on “Matt Painter to Mizzou??

  • I somewhat agree… I agree Mizzou needs to go after him, but give him a blank check?? Not quite yet. I understand Arkansas set a precedence by giving an average coach who never won a national or regular season conference championship a lot (too much!) money, but I feel painter still needs to prove himself. Once he dethrones the King (KU), by winning a conference title, then he can ask for that blank check… Nice Take!

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