Miami Heat Players Crying After Loss to Bulls

I understand that the Heat are now 1 for 16 when taking shots in the last seconds that can win or tie the game, but I am wondering why they are being so emotional?

When Chris Bosh was crying after the loss to the Magic someone pointed out to me, that he was crying because he “cared so much”.

While that maybe true, part of being a great team is being able to manage the highs and lows and understanding there is a much bigger goal at hand.

If the Heat win the NBA Championship no one will care nor remember how awful they have been at the beginning of March. When you dwell on things and let them linger, it has a dramatic effect on you long term.

If they Heat players are losing it emotionally when they are on a small losing streak during the regular season, what is going to happen when they are facing an elimination game in the playoffs?

You have to be mentally tough, to win a title and you wonder about their mental state going into the playoffs?

My advice is instead of being upset, get mad. Instead of crying, throw some chairs. Get angry release your inner Incredible Hulk, stop Dick Vermeiling.



15 thoughts on “Miami Heat Players Crying After Loss to Bulls

  • this team is not a upgrade version of the Cavs, the Cavs with James 60+wins, just needed a low post player to get over the top, Cavs was put together perfect for James, the way lbj play he dont need 10 superstars…now the lol the Heat no heart none ,this is what they wanted they got it!..These new young players soft,all of them watched to many Jordan highlights, and didnt see the hard work it took to be great.

  • Dawyne had the best quote when he said "The world is a better place since the Heat is losing." Priceless.

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