Miss Hawaii Provides Video Of “Association” With Duke’s Kyrie Irving

Instead going through a long recap, just read this two article.

Duke’s Kyrie Irving Accused Of Harassment By Model Miss Hawaii..See The Texts

Pics: Miss Hawaii: Duke’s Kyrie Irving’s Stalker or Victim? Is She a Prostitute?

All the video shows is that Irving and Miss Hawaii (Jessica) know each other in some capacity. What capacity is up for you to decide.

The Kyrie Irving camp contends that Miss Hawaii (Jessica) is a crazed stalker hooker, who is salty because Irving rejected her in person.

Miss Hawaii contends that it is Irving who is the stalker and harassing her.

Lesson to be learned, don’t get on cam, text, bbm or tweet anyone who you think maybe crazy and that goes both ways.


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9 thoughts on “Miss Hawaii Provides Video Of “Association” With Duke’s Kyrie Irving

  • Dont matter…..I'd still do her!

  • Woo effing who, she was skyping Ky while he was playing a video game, by himself, i.e. "playing with himself".

  • Da-zam..she got some nice tig ole bitties……

  • When he said "playin with himself" da nigga meant he drafted his self on 2k11 and was actually playin wit his self

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