Mo Williams is Amused By The Miami Heat “Man Hugs”

Forget Basketball Wives, Real World, Jersey Shore, The Apprentice or any show of that kind, the best reality rhow going is:


I want to personally thank Lebron James for taking his talents to South Beach and making this the most interesting NBA season I can remember in a long time.

The Heat are the Villains— or as I like to call them, the Evelyn Lozadas of the show.

When Mo Williams in essence is calling you Moist, that either means the world is coming to an end, or the world is coming to an end soon right at this very moment.

We are talking about a guy who was clinically depressed over Lebron leaving Cleveland and is universally known as the Charlie Brown of the NBA and he is puffing his chest out and saying this?

The irony is so high, that I think Mo maybe under the influence of “TigerBlood”.

What he is referring to are the lovey dovey hugs the Heat gave out after their victory against the Lakers.  The since of relief on the Heat was massive, so the hugs did linger a bit more than usual.

You know Lebron when he is finished getting paid 25k for whatever club he is at tonight, will have a retort that won’t be very witty.

Chris Bosh wants to know if they can talk it out over Mimosas.

Oh by the way, I wonder what Mo has to say about this?

4 thoughts on “Mo Williams is Amused By The Miami Heat “Man Hugs”

  • LOL…too funny…..somebody needs to send Mo that pic of him hugging Lebron and ask him to clarify his comments on "man-hugs"….lol

  • mo williams is one of the softest players in the nba ………wow still cant believe he said that the same guy who locked himself in a room can cried in a dark corner…..lebron left meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhh haaaaaaaaaa……cry me a river hes just salty that he can hug lebron on the daily anymore

  • I know good and hell well Mo Williams and talking about nobody have "feelings" and showing them! He is the epitome of "moist" when he talked about quitting last summer. Hell. who does that? LMAO!

  • Moist Mo spent the whole season pouting on the sidelines then goes to LA and is suddenly putting up 15-20 every game. That's weak. I hope he gets traded to a sorry team next year.

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