Mugshot: Former Bucs Jerramy Stevens Arrested for Breaking Bouncer’s Jaw


Jerramy Stevens was always a bit of a loose cannon.

He has several run ins with the law before, during and after his playing days in the NFL. His latest arrest stems from a bar fight, here are the details.

Stevens, 31, became unruly inside the Hula Bay Club and Duke’s Retired Surfer’s Island Bar, 5210 W. Tyson Ave. in South Tampa, police said.

After being escorted from the bar he punched two bouncers; bouncers took him to the ground, trying to control him until police arrived, police said.

One of the bouncers suffered a possible broken jaw, police said. Stevens was struck in the face and suffered swelling and soreness, police said.

He doesn’t look very remorseful in that mugshot. I am sure it wont be his last one taken.



  1. Yeah the 'Smarten up NAS' ship on him has sailed, taken a detour down the Mississippi, hit an oil tanker and is now burnt beyond recognition.

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