Mugshot: Packers Johnny Jolly Arrested 2nd Time For That “Purple Drank”


I can not confirm or deny that he was trying to ship “Purple Drank” to JaMarcus Russell, but what I can confirm that you can’t be pretty bright to be arrested twice for the same thing in less than a year. has the details.

Last year, Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly settled charges relating to the possession of codeine by entering into a pre-trial diversion program.  Under the terms of the deal, the charges would have been dismissed if he had stayed out of trouble for a year.

Sports Radio 610 in Houston reports, via, that Jolly has been arrested for felony possession of codeine, the active ingredient in the beverage known as “lean” and “purple drank.”

Police stopped Jolly’s Escalade early Friday, for a traffic violation. Jolly reportedly presented a state identification card rather than a driver’s license.  Police thereafter learned that his license is suspended, and ineligible for renewal.

Police then searched Jolly’s vehicle and found 600 grams of codeine.

600 Grams?

Is Jolly in the 3-6 Mafia?

I don’t know what else to say except………..



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