NFLPA Advising Top College Players to Boycott the NFL Draft

My thoughts on the NFL labor situation is this.

I will let them do all of their court proceedings and bickering. I am not going to get overly involved in the situation. I won’t talk about every time a judge changes or a legal brief is drawn up.

If this drags out into July and August, then we will have a problem, until then I will keep the faith they will figure this out.

This is an interesting power play though by the NFLPA.

The NFL Players Association is putting into place a plan that would prevent each top college prospect from attending next month’s draft in New York, according to multiple league sources. The NFLPA already has contacted 17 top prospects that ordinarily would have received an invitation to attend the draft and informed them not to go.

Thus, when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announces the name of the first player selected, the player will not walk on to the stage at Radio City Music Hall as has been the custom. And the player will not be there to do interviews with ESPN or NFL Network. The draft will go on, but not in the manner in which it has been conducted before.

Sounds a bit petty and honestly it just robs the kid of one of the biggest moment in his life, but when you are engaged in labor battles, nothing is off limits it appears.

The college kids have no choice, because lets say one shows up on his own and no one else does, he would have a scarlet letter on his chest for his entire career in the NFL.

This is just a wonderful off-season isn’t it?

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