Patrick Ewing: I Never Had a Co-Star Like Carmelo Anthony


I see this as the convenient excuse for some of the retired superstars with no rings.  They will just say they never had a “SuperFriends” team and that is the reason why they couldn’t win a Championship.

Ewing who had a strong supporting cast even if he didn’t have another superstar, weighs in on the Carmelo Anthony trade.

“A great player. A great player,” Ewing said of Anthony yesterday before the Magic beat the Knicks 116-110 last night at Amway Center. “New York hasn’t had two bona fide superstars since Willis [Reed] and Earl [Monroe] and Clyde [Frazier]. Those guys are two bona fide superstars.”

Asked who was the best player he ever played with, Ewing said, “Second-best teammate? John Starks, Allan [Houston], Spree [Latrell Sprewell], Oak [Charles Oakley]. But they’re not Carmelo. They’re not Carmelo.

You know Ewing is still salty at John Starks, for possibly costing him his best and only chance at a NBA title.  With that being said he should have grab Starks by the throat (Sprewell style) and told him to stop shooting in Game 7 of 94 Finals.


  1. Please. Ewing should just be quiet. I remember his big ass finger rolling the Knicks into a last second Game 7 loss against the Pacers in the Eastern Conf. finals back in '95.

    If I was that cat I'd keep my mouth shut.

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