Pics: Alyse Lahti Johnston, Tiger Woods’ New 22 Year Old Girlfriend?

Nothing’s really surprising about this.  Young and blonde is how Tiger’s like his ladies.  Alyse Lahti Johnston isn’t a porn star, so that is a bit different.  I doubt she is his girlfriend, just probably one of his new harem.

The only reason she is interesting is because of her past and her family tree— take a look.

The blonde beauty is originally from Cleveland, Ohio but is now living in Florida.

A mug shot of Johnston stemming from her DUI arrest on October 9 last year by police in Orlando, Florida shows she looked a bit worse for wear on the date she was pulled over.

However, a lesser charge of Reckless Driving, a first degree misdemeanor, was brought against her on December 10. She was represented by a high-profile Florida attorney.

She pleaded no contest to the charge and an adjudication was pending until she met several condition.

Johnston’s biological father is former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jeff Lahti, according to RadarOnline.

Her stepfather Alistair Johnston is a high-ranking executive for IMG.

Baseball player pops, stepdad works for IMG, mom seems like she has perfected the Elin game, all sounds about right for the type of woman Tiger would be attracted to.

My advice to Tiger………….

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