Pics: The Infamous Jim Tressel Emails..That Led to His Suspension



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Simple lesson, whatever is email, text, tweeted, bbm, DM, Facebook or carrier pigeon to you can always come back to haunt you.

Jim Tressel learned that the hard way.  Ohio State took a day to get their story together before suspended Tressel, but if you read the emails and how damaging they are,  if it was almost any other coach in the country he would have been fired.

But since Tressel has built up so much collarteral in Columbus, as I spoke about before it will take a lot more to bring him down than some emails.

He needs to keep winning and beating Michigan, because the day that stops happening will be the time he will be John Gottied by the University, but for now he is safe.

Credit Channel 4 News in Columbus for the emails.


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