Pieces of Ivory: Sleeping With a Married Athlete..Evelyn vs. Tami

Let’s get all the numerical facts straight first. Tami Roman was a cast member on Real World Season 2 that aired in the fall of 1993. It was a very popular show that had a lot of firsts and was widely covered, talked about and discussed by mainstream media and fans everywhere.

She was married to former NBA player Kenny Anderson from 1994 to 2001, during which Anderson was traded to the Boston Celtics in 1998. If you check the 99-00 Celtics roster, you will see that Kenny Anderson, Eric Williams and Antoine Walker were all on that team. For the two seasons that Basketball Wives has aired, they have beat in our heads that Evelyn Lozada and Antoine were dating for 10 years. Also, they have led us to believe that that’s how Jen Williams and Evelyn first met each other because both of their men (Eric and Antoine) played for that same Boston squad.

After kicking it and kekeing together all summer, Evelyn (with her consistently hoe-ish, gold digging ways) tells Shaunie that she had a relationship with Tami’s ex-husband, Kenny. Shaunie is shocked and appalled (I’m not) and tells Evelyn that she needs to tell Tami and basically come clean with it all.
Evelyn proceeds to tell Tami that back in 1999 she dated her husband.

How can you date somebody that is married? That’s what I wanted to know. I mean, you so big and bad with everyone else Evelyn, why won’t you call a spade a spade and say, ‘I had an affair with your man’ cause that’s what you did, isn’t it? Basically, from the facts that have been presented to us, Evelyn was not only cheating on Antoine but was surely doing it with a very married Kenny while Eric observed it all. I wonder if that’s what he was implying when he told his soon to be ex-wife Jen (if she ever goes to the court house and gets that divorce rolling) that he knew Evelyn and her ways way better than Jen did.

As I watched the replay over and over to get a better assessment of the situation, there were quite a few things that bothered me. Not once did Evelyn apologize or say that she was sorry or basically held any remorse for the adulterous acts that she performed with Tami’s ex-husband.

Tami is not even mad that Evelyn slept with her ex. She is madder at the fact that Evelyn never mentioned this information to her as they are getting to know each other and trying to form a new friendship.

Unfortunately for Evelyn, her whole approach and stance on the matter was completely wrong. Then add her nasty ass attitude, which didn’t help either. Talking ‘bout “it is what it is”, “Kenny slept with everybody”, “that’s how you feel about the situation and this is how I feel”. Even if that’s how you truly feel Evelyn, it’s no need to make the situation worse by being a total bitch about it now when all season long Tami has been trying her best to be nice and friendly towards you. Evelyn doesn’t even understand how or why Tami thinks the situation is so shady, even after she and Tami both agreed that when girls know these men are married, but still sleep with them, that makes the situation worse and hurts even more.

Another question: how do you know what that feels like Evelyn when you’ve never been married to an athlete before?

Evelyn then continues to say, ‘Nobody knew who you were. You think I was studying who Kenny was with? Like I researched who dude was with? It was like you didn’t even exist.’ Evelyn then adds the icing on the cake when she says, ‘You are a non-motherf****n factor b***h’. This is as condescending as it comes. Yeah, you claim you didn’t know he was married but now you do and you still are taking a very disrespectful approach to this whole entire fiasco. I so wish that Evelyn would have handled this entire situation with a little more class and dignity but I guess a hoe is going to be a hoe and a gold digging one doesn’t care who she is sleeping with or who she hurts in the process.

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  • Tami and Kenny were separated at the time (in 98). Not that it matters. They were said to be arguing over money issues, the divorce was finalized a few years later.

    Just adding to the wealth of knowledge

    • The biggest question is so Evelyn you in Boston to be Toine and you out having a 6month relationship with Kenny, Hmmm?

      • AND in the entire 6 months Evelyn and Kenny only had sex twice….yeah right…..b** please

  • If Chad goes on and marries Evelyn then he's a bigger idiot than I thought……hopefully he'll just continue to screw the hell out of her and keep it moving…save some for the next high profile athlete to get his rocks off….

  • LOL Coon TV at its best

    • more like Ho TV……

    • Now why does it have to be coon tv, other chicks are out there bad just like them. There's alot of folks out there sleepin around and cheating on their partners playin the dumb role to go along with it. The side chick is making a come up cause dudes are allowing it to happen instead of making them stay in their place. Before an affair used to be secretive, now not so much.

  • You hit the nail RIGHT ON THE HEAD!!!

    • I agree. If it’s you KD. Give me a call, man. Are you still in the red stick?–LG

  • Besides giving us one of the best ever quotes… You could see the tone change when Tami started running off the bitch, trick, ho, jump-off labels. How long would someone sit there and let someone pop-off about like that, especially when I know you did and probably would do the same. Tami the same chick that had an abortion on tv and let the white girl convince her to accuse dude of "rape" (No means no, David) for pulling off the blanket (yeah, I gotta good memory.) In the strictest since of the definition, they're all some whores. Is their anyone on the circuit who ain't been with a couple (dozen) contracts?

    Really, though, when is it ever a good time to tell someone something like that?

    • @R.Knight

      STFU. You bringing up sh*t that happen with Tammy on a reality TV show almost 20 yrs ago. Not a got damn thing Tammi did screamed “WHORE” then after , or NOW. That abortion thing is between her & God. The thing with that [email protected] David was HIS FAULT, he ALWAYS took sh*t too far, AND no one said he raped a damn thing so stop lyin & making up sh*t. David is a weirdo, whimpy, skinny, insecure, low-selfesteem, psychotic, a$$hole who DIDNT & DOESNT GET ALONG WITH ANY BODY! EVER! ON every show, in real life, at work, EVERYWHERE! The dude is an anti-social FREAK and only a like mind would side with that dude.

      You obviously DID NOT read the article or watch the f**ckin show. When is is a good time to tell someone that, isnt the point. Eveylyn was a rude careless arrogant bitch and didnt give a f*ck about anything. SHe had a nasty azzattitude the entire time she spoke. She told Tammy that B.S. and pretty much spit in her face afterwards. Like “SO what b!tch I f’d your man. And!? So what!”. Quoted by Evelyn: “Kenny slept with everybody”, “that’s how you feel about the situation and this is how I feel”,‘Nobody knew who you were. You think I was studying who Kenny was with? Like I researched who dude was with? It was like you didn’t even exist.’ Evelyn then adds the icing on the cake when she says, ‘You are a non-motherf****n factor b***h’.” <===This some bullsh*t right here ma'niggah

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