Quanis Phillips Going Back to Jail For Lying About Contact With Michael Vick

Phillips was one of the co-defendants in the Michael Vick dog fighting trial (he testified against Vick to get a better plea deal) and the guy who was shot in the leg at Vick’s birthday party over the summer.

That shooting could have been the final nail in the coffin of Michael Vick’s career, but because of lack of evidence and no cooperation from Phillips, Vick didn’t suffer any ramifications from the Feds or the NFL.

Unfortunately for Phillips, he didn’t get off so easy. ProFootBallTalk has the details:

Phillips has been sent to prison for 11 months for violating his probation by lying to his probation officer when he denied having contact with Vick at the party.

All the Associated Press report indicates that his contact with Vick was Phillips’ primary probation violation, it wasn’t the only one: He also failed to tell his probation officer about being questioned by police that night and on other occasions, skipped a mandatory mental health appointment and failed a drug test.

Don’t lie to the Feds, we have learned time and time again that you might being able to fool the cops, but the Feds will make sure you go down if aren’t truthful to them.

It would be best for Vick to stay as far away from Phillips as humanly possible.

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  • Phillips went to that club to start some ish with Vick…so I'm glad his party crashing ass is going back to jail….don't drop the soap Quanis..on second thought go ahead and drop the soap…so you can get what you deserve…..

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