Shaq: “If I Was With Biggie the Night of his Murder He Might Still Be Alive”

Shaq and Diddy are doing some sort of Outside the Lines special for ESPN, not exactly sure what for, but the conversation came around to the murder of The Notorious B.I.G.

Shaq has some interesting thoughts.

Celtics big guy Shaquille O’Neal remembers the night Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down and tells ESPN that if he had been with his pal Christopher Wallace as planned, Biggie might still be with us.

“I’ve always been a person that’s always been aware of my surroundings,” Shaq tells ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez. “Thank God for Uncle Jerome from law enforcement. He sees everything. He sees everything. He taught me that. He’s always taught me that.”

Uncle Jerome is not really Shaq’s uncle. He’s a former Newark Police officer who is No. 36’s security muscle and presumably would have been with O’Neal on the night of Biggie’s murder. Because Shaq was on his way to meet the rapper at an after-party for the Soul Train Music Awards.

“I just fell asleep. I woke up about 4 o’clock from a call from my mother,” Shaq recalled. “She said ‘Did you go to the party?’ I’m like, ‘No, what’re you talking about?’ She said, ‘You know, your friend was shot and killed.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ So then I hung up with her and called some people and they told me what had happened.”

Unfortunately in retrospect with the deaths of Biggie and Pac for that matter, there were a ton of things that could have been avoided to stop these tragedies from happening.

Sadly neither murder has been solved which to me has always been ridiculous.

Biggie was murdered in LA with a ton of witnesses, Pac situation is even worse, he was murdered on the Las Vegas strip and no one saw anything?

Shaq met Biggie because they recorded a song together. Check it out.

10 thoughts on “Shaq: “If I Was With Biggie the Night of his Murder He Might Still Be Alive”

  • Oddly enough Biggie vs Pac could be parallel to Shaq vs Kobe…

  • Hey Shaq, law enforcement killed Biggie. Im sure uncle from Newark would have been much smarter than the LAPD Rampart gang, who also were resonpsible and convicted for drug traffic, bank robberies, false police reports. Rampart ran amuck for yrs unchecked here in LA, not sure a single out of state ex officer would have slowed them down at all

  • I miss Biggie. The rap game hasn't been the same since his murder.

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