Source: Vince Young Wouldn’t Mind Taking His Talents to South Beach


If you believe the source (always take unidentified sources with grain of salt) the question begs does Vince Young want to go to the Dolphins because he thinks they have a good team or because he wants to party with Lebron and D Wade?

If it is the latter, then it would show he still doesn’t understand what it takes to be a long term successful quarterback.

Here are the details.

Associates say Miami is among teams that would appeal to Vince Young, but Tennessee has said it won’t cut him before the lockout. During the lockout, teams cannot trade veteran players or even discuss it. Hypothetically, if the lockout is ongoing, the Eagles could not ask the Dolphins to draft a player on their behalf, with the intent of using that player in a trade for Kevin Kolb.

Quite possible this associate is VY’s 3rd cousin baby momma.

There will be suitors for Vince Young, but don’t be shocked if he is only brought in as a backup somewhere.  That is a distinct possibility now.


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