The Miami Heat Are 1 for 14 in Last Second Shots to Win or Tie Games


As you have probably gathered that is the worst in the league.

One thing to remember it is easy to recall the game winning shots, but the reality is all teams have a low percentage in this category for the most part.

What is interesting about the Heat is you wouldn’t think they would be so bad for a couple of reasons. They have two of the five best players in the league in Lebron and Wade, so it is harder for defenses to double team both of them.

Secondly, because they have Lebron and Wade that normally leaves a wide open teammate somewhere on the floor in the last second situations.

The Heat are still a very good team, at worst they will the #3 seed in the East, but the question begs when they get in the playoffs and the games are close in the 4th quarter, will doubt start to creep in?

One thing we do know is they aren’t serving any coffee in the Heat locker room.

Because coffee is for closers.



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