The NFL Locked Out the Players, but Madden 12 Will Be Released on Time

This is all that matters right?

While the owners and players bicker over billions of dollars, the fans need to have something to believe in. Once thing we know is every year Madden 12 will hit the market in August.

While the NFLPA has decertified, evidently its agreement with EA Sports still provides for the use of the group license that allows EA Sports to use real players on the teams. Team and league symbols are licensed separately and also not threatened by the labor unrest.

“Madden NFL 12 will be released in August as always,” EA Sports spokesman Rob Semsey tweeted earlier today. “All the NFL teams, all the NFL players, all Madden.”

If we don’t have any real football, at least we will have Madden and at this point that is the best we can hope for.