Pics: Tiger Woods’ Ex Wife Elin Nordegren New 12 Million House


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Check out Elin’s 12 million house, bought with Tiger’s money.

I just want you to think about this logically, and I say this with no ill will for Elin.

Elin was a nanny, with a couple of Twitter model style photoshoots.  She hooks up with Tiger, and against his pop’s wishes, Tiger decides to put a ring on it.

Elin does absolutely nothing in helping Tiger Woods become the best golfer and biggest endorser in the world.

She does pop out a couple of kids.

Woods, like most men, has a couple of ladies on the side— but because he didn’t have top flight security of the world watching his back, he ends up getting caught in a cheating scandal.

The majority of people especially women feel bad for Elin even though she was the one who was beating him up and swing 9 irons allegedly.  Tiger desperate to put the entire thing behind him settles the divorce for 100 million dollars.

Don’t be mad at Elin, because Tiger made the choices that got him in this situation but……………

Do you really think marriage isn’t a hustle?

19 thoughts on “Pics: Tiger Woods’ Ex Wife Elin Nordegren New 12 Million House

  • I'm a woman and I don't even feel bad for her she knew he was a dog and married him anyways. If anything I always thought she tipped the National Enquirer that he cheated.

    She'll run through that $$$ soon enough of course she has those two 18 year annuities though to live off of just in case.

    Its not that I care about Tiger either he's a moron to marry anyone especially a nanny.

    If you're rich stay single and get a vasectomy.

    • I agree…btw nice line….maybe you should make a T-shirt…"stay single and get a vasectomy"…

    • "If you’re rich stay single and get a vasectomy."

      Exactly my point! Always complaining about women this and women that as if they are being forced to get married or stick their penis in a woman w/o a condom on. Take responsibility for your behavior b/c you can only control yourself.

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