UFC Buys Strikeforce

It appears to me and I am not an expert of MMA business operations, but the UFC is like the WWE in the way they handle competition.  They just buy them up and take the talent.

Strikeforce was a good operation, had a deal with CBS/Showtime, with some excellent talent.  Don’t know if UFC saw them as a threat, but they decided to eliminate it.

Zuffa LLC, owner and operator of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has agreed in principle to purchase Strikeforce, essentially its lone remaining competitor in the mixed martial arts market, multiple sources with knowledge of the deal confirmed to ESPN.com.

UFC president Dana White told MMAFighting.com that Zuffa had purchased Strikeforce.

It appears UFC has a chokehold (pun intended) on the MMA business and I would assume any type of rival group that starts up will just suffer the same fate as Strikeforce.

You tell me is this good or bad for the future of MMA?

3 thoughts on “UFC Buys Strikeforce

  • Bad for sport in general. Yeah you will get to see the best when there is eventual merger but think about what it does for fighter salaries. No competition means stagnated growth in salaries.

  • For the company, very very good. On a scale from 1 to 10, I rate it about a 7. For the actually sports, I I rate it a -5. Like dude said before no competition for them. Now in America it's just the UFC, then all the minor league feds, that either breed up and coming talent or are just a place for ppl to fight.

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