Video: Did Refs Cost Texas Sweet 16 Appearance with Bogus 5 Seconds Call?


It certainly looks to me after the count gets to 4, the Texas player called timeout— but the ref ignores him and continues with his five second call.

That led to a crazy sequence of events, where Arizona converted a 3 point play and Texas’ final attempt failed even though there was a lot of contact— but the refs simply looked the other way.

I will let you decide if the officials blew this or not.

H/T The Big Lead for Video.


  1. I am no Tx or Az fan, and it bothers the hell outta me. The refs are starting to look for their moments to shine…their ESPN hilite. He was so emphatic. So gotcha about it. What gets me is nothing will happen about it. I have reffed and umpired. The less you draw attention to yourself during a game the better. That is clearly not the case nowadays. The refs and their antics when they do make a call is out of control, and doesn't appear anyone can do anyhting about it. Oh well, sorry Rick Barnes, Texas players and fans. I said it cause that dumbass ref never will.

  2. The call was blown I agree. The real question is why Rick Barnes had the point gaurd inbounding the ball against the length of Arizona.

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