Video: ESPN’s Fab 5 Documentary


If you missed it last night (if you did what were you doing), we got your hook up courtesy of

One of the best documentary you will see and if you were a teenager like myself at the time it will flood you with memories. Some good, some bad and some emotional.

You will learn things that you didn’t know, remember stuff you forgot and afterward you will be thinking a lot about college athletics, race and how no one likes Christian Laettner.



  1. It was a good documentary, I didnt know how some Michgan alums treated the fab five. It's too bad Chris Webber didn't speak on the documentary. Hopefully one day he will talk about his side of the story.

  2. What a powerful documentary!!!! I saw it this morning and I almost cried when they discussed Webber calling the timeout in '93 against UNC in the national title game. It was one of the saddest moments of my life as a sports fan. Webber is one of my all-time favorite athletes and the Fab Five Wolverines are one of my all-time favorite teams. I never knew the crap they went through at the hands of UM alums.

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