Video: Isaiah Thomas Game Winning Buzzer Beater feat: Gus Johnson


Isaiah Thomas is not the son of Pistons great Isiah Thomas like some have assumed. What happened was that Thomas’ father lost a bet with a friend on a Lakers vs. Pistons NBA Finals game.

As you can see the bet was to name his son after the Pistons’ great, his mom signed off on it only if they changed the name to the biblical spelling.

I don’t think I would bet my future child’s name on a basketball game, but those Pistons vs. Lakers games were serious business back in the day.

One thing the modern day Lil Zeke has in common with the Old School Isiah Thomas, is he has some serial killer in him even though he only stands 5’8″.

Check the step back jumper to win the Pac-10 Tournament title and check out the tweet from February 6th, homie predicted this would happen.

Oh by the way Gus Johnson goes crazy, but you already knew that.

Props to @Jose3030 for video.


  1. Man, Gus Johnson is real he gave me a name for one of my brackets "cold blooded" woo Gus J goes hard

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