Video: John Wall Punches Zydrunas Ilgauskas in the Ribs

Haven’t seen much douging or other shenanigans from John Wall lately.  The reason being he is getting a hard lesson on being a good player on an awful team.

If you are competitor and it appears that Wall is, losing will drain on you, especially when you are use to being pampered as he was in high school and college.

Frustrations got the best of him when he takes a cheap shot a Big Z in the ribs.  If you don’t want elbows swinging around your face, don’t be up in someone’s grill.

Don’t get mad, take out your frustrations another way.

On the undercard JaVale McGee and Juwan Howard act like they are going to fight.  McGee prances around like someone who can’t fight (the jumping up and down acting extra hype is a tell tell sign).

In the end Wall will probably get suspended, but it doesn’t matter since he is playing on the Wizards.

3 thoughts on “Video: John Wall Punches Zydrunas Ilgauskas in the Ribs

  • IMO, this whole situation was the fault of the refs. A call should have been made when Big Z elbowed John in the face and actually I think he elbowed him more than once on that play. There are numerous opportunities during an NBA game for one player to injure another with their elbows and its the refs job to clean that up. A part of playing good defense is being in someones grill when they have picked up their dribble or is not a good ballhandler. John should have not reacted the way he did but I, for one, do understand. I didn't see it as a cheap shot either. When you intentionally elbow somebody, to the face no less, you should not be surprised that they retaliate.

    This is just the two cents of a long suffering Wizards fan who highly respects Big Z as a player in The League.

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