Video: Kobe Bryant Reminds You How Much Smush Parker Sucked


You are not watching Kobe Bryant in his prime.

You weren’t even watching Kobe in his maximum prime when he first went to the Finals without Shaq.

Kobe Bryant was at his absolute peak from 2006-2008.

Unfortunately, Bryant shared those years with the likes of Kwame Brown, Maurice Evans and Chris Mihm.

We also can’t forget the infamous Smush Parker, who assumed because he was on a team with Kobe Bryant, he was also a star himself.  Then became salty after he was shipped out and called his Lakers experience “overrated”.  Smush is now playing with the local grocery store baggers rec league.

Kobe, never one to hold a grudge (yeah right), takes a shot at Smush when describing the trust he feels with Derek Fisher and what was the difference when Fisher left as a free agent.


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