Video: Lebron James on Ellen…Dances in Aerobics Class

I will be honest one of the reasons I would go to the gym, is because they would have this Shakira belly dance class every Tuesday. If you were fast enough to get to one of the bikes, you had the perfect view of the hour long gyrations from College girls to Cougars. It was a beautiful thing.

Lebron had the right idea, bursting into one of Ellen’s writers Aerobics class and doing a two step with a lot of scantily clad and sweaty South Beach women.

He was also pitching Vitamin Water, but I wasn’t paying attention to that, I was focusing on the young lady in the short shorts in the front.

Why isn’t Tiger Woods signed up for this class? He would love it.

4 thoughts on “Video: Lebron James on Ellen…Dances in Aerobics Class

  • Do better Robert the one on the right (her left) is hotter – JMO (lol)

    The chick in the shorts body looks deformed. #noshade

  • Dance aerobics Tracy Anderson
    9 mini-dancing to dance music with good rhythm.
    Training – slowly at first. Once you learn how combinations of movements for each song you’re willing to do a full workout.
    Training. – Do you dance nine songs non-stop, repeating combinations of movements with the dancers in the background (3 women and 2 men).
    To restore the beauty of the body and waist.

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