Video: Lebron James Skips Player Introductions in Cleveland


I think the Lebron James, Cleveland Divorce is being handled worse than the NFL Lockout.

There are so many stories of the back and forth pettiness between both Lebron and Cleveland fans, team and management, it could be a college course on how to be  “Dunkin Hines” moist.

Today, Cleveland wouldn’t let Lebron’s entourage in the building causing him to be late for a shoot around.  Lebron decided to get his payback by not showing up for player introductions.

He waited to the lights went dark to sneak in to the Heat’s huddle.

Memo to Lebron:


I think next the Cavs are going to take Lebron’s milk money and the Lebron’s is going to run to Principle Skinner’s office to snitch on them.

Both sides need to grow up, this is pathetic, petty and just makes all sides look bad and honestly it is not a good look for the NBA as a whole to have star players and teams acting like children on a continous basis.

Whereas it is a multiple people in Cleveland, so it would be hard to stop all of them, Lebron does not have to continuously add fuel to the fire.  Wearing jackets like “Long live the King” and just in general being an ass, doesn’t help him in any shape, form or fashion.

Smarten Up Nas


Lebron said he was using the bathroom that is why he missed the introduction. My response to that.


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