Vikings Sidney Rice Caught Up in Airline Ticket Scam

Being that I am the King of the Dollarnaires, I am all about saving a buck or two, so I understand Rice trying to save a bit on his airline tickets.

The airlines prices these days are ridiculous.  It doesn’t appear that Rice knew he was involved in something illegal, but you never know these days.

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Sidney Rice flew the friendly skies with discounted airline tickets he bought off Brooklyn scam artists, it was revealed Tuesday.

Prosecutors say White was part of a crew – led by her ex-boyfriend Ashley Simmons – that ripped off credit card numbers from unsuspecting victims in order to purchase airline tickets sold for cash at a discount price.

The couple was busted in 2009 by U.S. Probation Officer Richard Koury, who was supervising Simmons for a previous conviction for using NYU computers to commit credit card fraud.

Koury acknowledged on cross-examination that Rice had flown numerous times on airline tickets purchased with “compromised” credit card numbers.

Normally if something is too good to be true, it normally is.


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