Women Who Accused Packers Brandon Underwood of Rape..Arrested for Prostitution

Kesha Cureton and Tynecha Lipsco from all appearances were looking for a money grabbed by accusing Underwood of sexual assault, but while Underwood pleaded out to a small fine, the young ladies in question now have to deal with the long arm of the law.

Two Milwaukee women who accused Green Bay Packers’ cornerback Brandon Underwood of sexual assault have been charged with prostitution in connection with the case.

The two are Kesha Cureton and Tynecha Lipsco. Both were charged earlier this month in Sauk County in connection with an incident in June 2010 at the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort in the Wisconsin Dells area.

According to the police report, the two women said they went to an area club to audition as dancers but came back to a cabin at the resort where members of the Packers had earlier participated in a charity golf outing.

Six Packers in addition to Underwood became involved in the incident, according to the report. They are quarterback Matt Flynn; offensive lineman Josh Sitton; fullback Korey Hall; linebackers Brad Jones and Clay Matthews; and former Packer Khalil Jones.

One of the officers, identified as Michael Vagnini, said the two women did not appear to be frightened or upset in any way.

The police report also indicates that police thought the women may have accused Underwood of a sexual assault for a chance at “notoriety or future financial gain.

My stance has always been if you falsely accuse someone you should be arrested.  It is apparent these women had every intention of playing bedgammon for money with several Packers players.

The accusations were unfounded and now they have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

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  • Gold digging Ho's……glad they got busted……trying to get their 15 minutes

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