5 Reason Why The Lakers Will “Three-Peat”

The Lakers are currently on a five game losing streak and I see article after article questioning their toughness and resolve. I quite frankly don’t understand why everyone is up in arms about this. Being a Lakers fan I understand that this losing streak means nothing. Last year the Lakers lost 7 of their last 11 games and yet they were still crowned National Championships. Besides I know 5 good reasons why the Lakers will three-peat; their names are Shannon Brown, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Ron Artest, and Kobe Bryant. Let me explain:

Let’s start with Shannon Brown. Shannon has to win a championship this year. There is no way he is going to let little brother Chris Brown outshine him in 2011. Right now baby brother’s new album is #4 on the Billboard top 200 and I’ve even heard whispers of a Grammy. Imagine how the rest of the year in the Brown household goes if baby brother Chris not only has a top album, but also a Grammy? The only way for Shannon to beat this is to win a World Championship.

Now I’ve heard rumors that Lamar Odom-Kardashian might receive the six man of the year award…well 6th man awards probably don’t get it in the Kardashian household. Lamar married the lesser of the Kardashian sisters and he and Khole are dying to stay relevant. Their new reality show just debuted on E! and they have to stay interesting if they don’t want it cancelled after one season. What better way to stay in the limelight than a World Championship? Lamar Odom-Kardashian’s livelihood depends on it.

First I would like to applaud Andrew for staying somewhat healthy this season….maybe it’s because he’s heard the rumors that Dwight Howard will be donning a Lakers jersey come 2012. I was listening to Mike and Mike in the morning and one of those Mikes (I think Greenberg) predicted that Howard would be in a Lakers jersey next year. With that said Andrew Has to prove his worth. He has to give the Lakers organization a reason to keep hope alive in him. What better way than to help the Lakers win another World Championship this year?

For Ron Artest it’s really quite simple. He wants a championship ring. We all remember that he raffled the one he won last year off to support mental health charities. I don’t knock him for that because we all know that mental health is something that’s very near and dear to Ron-Ron’s heart. I mean he gave a shout out to his psychiatrist after winning the championship last year. Nevertheless Ron doesn’t have a ring of his own so you better believe that he’s out to get one this year.

Finally we have the self proclaimed “Black Mamba” himself…..Kobe Bryant. Kobe is getting old in basketball years and we all know he idolizes Michael Jordan. Mike has 6 rings….Kobe has 5. If Kobe can’t get more rings than Mike you better believe that he is at least going to tie the man. Kobe knows that his best shot at another World Championship is probably this year. Do you really think that he’s not going to take advantage?

All I’m saying is don’t let this 5 game losing streak fool you. The Lakers have at least 5 reasons to win this year. On top of those 5 reasons let us not forget that Pat Riley trademarked the term “Three-Peat” back when he was coaching the Lakers. So that means that after the Lakers win for every item sold with the term “Three-Peat” on it….Pat is going to get paid. When the Lakers win everybody wins….except for those who lose!

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