Aaron Rodgers New Girlfriend Destiny Newton Bikini Pics


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This story isn’t as much about Aaron Rodgers chilling with his lady friend Destiny Newton on the beach, but the demise of the “tramp stamp”.

Back before it was normal for everyone to look like they have been tatted up after a 10 year bid at Rikers Island, the “tramp stamp” was a simple quick way to gauge the freak level of the young lady you were dealing with.

But similar to models and rappers the market has been flooded with tramp stamps tattoos, so you need to reevaluate your freak scale.

What you want to look for now is the “foot tat” or the big tat along the side of the body is new indicators of the breaking lamps skills of the female in question.

Trust me you will thank me later.

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  • All I know is I luv looking at the "tramp stamp" while I'm hittin it from da back….

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