Adrienne Williams & Chris Bosh Marriage Certificate..Smooth Magazine Pics


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Even though Chris Bosh tried to deny it, it appears that he and Adrienne Williams are officially married.  TMZ tracked down the legally binding marriage license.

(View Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams Marriage Certificate)

A couple of old modeling pics have leaked of Adrienne Williams, not exactly sure why people are making a big deal out of it.  Don’t most athletes deal with models, video vixens and club hoppers?  Plus the pics are hot, who wouldn’t want a hot wife, with a little junk in the trunk?

I would have been more surprised if she didn’t have some old pictures floating around, most women do.  If you want to look at it as the glass half full, she has decided being a wife of a baller is more approriate than being a Smooth Magazine model.

Don’t hate the player hate the game.

Wonder if she has seen this video though……..

3 thoughts on “Adrienne Williams & Chris Bosh Marriage Certificate..Smooth Magazine Pics

  • MAN, if IM The bread winner making millions, my wife aint taking booty pics for any1. jus saying

  • I’m not mad at Ms Williams…oops…I mean Mrs Bosh…it’s better to be
    the wife of an NBA baller than a model….now she can lay back and
    ration the goodies…keep Chris on lock down and spend all his
    money..she’s a true playa

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