Allen Iverson to Atlanta Police: “Do You Know Who I Am?”

About a week ago Allen Iverson had his Lamborghini impounded for “improper tags” (Atlanta Police Impound Allen Iverson’s Lamborghini)

At the time not much was known about what exactly happened to cause all of the ruckus, but now since the police report has come out, a little more light has been shed on the situation.

Straight From the A, has the details:

According to the police report obtained by the AJC, the former NBA baller hurled one expletive after another at the officer who pulled over his gray 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago around 6 p.m. on March 30th.

At this point Iverson said to the officer.

“Take the vehicle, I have 10 more! Police don’t have anything else [expletive] to do except [expletive] with me. … Do you know who I am?”

The report goes on to say that Iverson ranting for awhile and when pressed on why he didn’t pay for the tags, his driver Clisby reportley said.

“Would you pay 10gs for a tag?”

Classic stuff right there. In the end A.I. returned to the scene and apologized for being belligerent, probably thinking it would make the cop write him a favorable police report.  As you can see it didn’t happen that way.

Lesson learned here, don’t buy a car if you don’t want to pay for the tag.

7 thoughts on “Allen Iverson to Atlanta Police: “Do You Know Who I Am?”

  • I mean did he know the tag price when he bought it? With all his children he needs a good minivan or an SUV with a third seat!

  • What an idiot, that why his dumb ass in not in the NBA now. He thought he was bigger than the NBA and the NBA couldn't do without him, but like I say " A guy bouncing a ball comes a dime a dozen. I bet you he wishes he can go to "practice" LMAO!!!

  • A "guy bouncing a ball" may be common, but one that can get a Lamborghini–even with expired tags–is a rarity. Is the man who actually lived (lives) his dream the idiot or the one who sneers in jealousy at any perceived misfortune of the other? The only difference in attitude between Iverson and the ones who have soooo much to say about him is that people actually care who he is, what he has, and what he does.

    • Even to a peson who has alot of money, the requirement to tag a vehical at a cost of 10G, is excessive for the road use that vehical will use in a life time. The government is out of control with fees. And really, a lane change violation?

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