Amare Stoudemire (Sorta) Calls Big Baby Davis Fat

I don’t expect Glen “Big Baby” Davis to invite Amare Stoudemire to dinner any time soon. Even if he did, judging by Stoudemire’s recent comments, they might have  tough time agreeing on a place to eat. The Knicks’ big man took a shot at Davis’ physical fitness.

From the New York Post:

Asked about his second-quarter post defense, Stoudemire said: “I’m just playing smart. I know ‘Baby’ wanted to try to draw contact and draw fouls. His core is not really as tight as it should be, so I knew I can catch him off-balance from that. I kind of backed up, but I thought he traveled on the play, but he turned the ball over.”

“His core is not really as tight as it should be”? I’m not sure why Stoudemire is suddenly being politically correct about it. If you want to call him fat, just call him fat. Either way, it continues a verbal slap fight between the two players. Maybe they’re just saving the real animosity for game time.

(H/T to The Basketball Jones)

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  • ur core isnt as tight as it should be….lol…I will start to tell girls that when they out of shape lol

  • I will tell girls that are out of shape that lol….core isn’t tight

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