Atlanta Braves Coach Calls Fans Gay…No Fine Yet

Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell pulled a Kobe Bryant only aiming his homophobic comments at fans as opposed to a referee/umpire.  McDowell has since apologized for his actions. 

A trio of San Francisco Giants fans were asked if they were a homo couple or a threesome by McDowell in response to their heckling during batting practice prior to a game at AT&T Park.  Another fan ended up being threatened by McDowell after requesting that the former player calm down and watch his words in the presence of his family.

As a result, legal leech Gloria Allred has become entangled in the affair presumably representing the fan threatened.  The Gay and Lesbian Alliance has also requested that Major League Baseball take “real disciplinary action” against McDowell.

The only party that’s missing from the affair is the national media.  This took place on Saturday, April 23 and the first I have read about it is five days later.  Kobe Bryant couldn’t even get dressed before the media began asking what would result of his actions.  To make matters worse, Bryant was fined an absurd $100,000 less than 24 hours later by NBA dictator/commissioner David Stern. 

Honestly, McDowell’s comments and subsequent actions should warrant a media firestorm, especially seeing as to how they were levied at fans.  But then again  Roger McDowell doesn’t generate as many web hits as Kobe Bryant.

This thirsty world I tell ya …

3 thoughts on “Atlanta Braves Coach Calls Fans Gay…No Fine Yet

  • Biggest difference between this incident and Kobe’s is McDowell wasn’t caught on national television using the slur, hence no immediate reaction from activist groups or national media coverage. And yes, Kobe is more high profile than McDowell so he was an easier target.

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