Atlanta Hawks Are On The Brink of Another Quick Post Season

There’s less than 24 hours until the start of the NBA’s second season and more than likely another two weeks left until the Atlanta Hawks can begin their summer vacation.  The Hawks ended the season losing six games and are faced with the task of stopping the Dwight Howard led Orlando Magic.  Despite winning the season series with the Magic three games to one, history tells us that the Hawks are destined for another early postseason exit.

The “Atlanta Hawks” have never made it past the secound round of the playoffs.  Yes, that’s right…never.  Dominique Wilkins, Doc Rivers and Kevin Willis were fixtures in the playoffs, but they never made it past round two.  Dikembe Mutumbo, Mookie Blaylock, and Steve Smith weren’t able to do so either.  The latest Hawk trio features an underrated turned overrated slash overpaid Joe Johnson, an all star power forward masking as a center in Al Horford, and the electric Josh Smith coming to a trade rumor near you in 2012.

The 2011 Hawks take from their predecessors in playoff success, but that’s where any resemblance of the 80’s and 90’s Hawks stops.  These Hawks are more head case than head liner.  The new era of Hawks tightrope the line between predator and prey nightly.  Their lethargy has been well documented in the media and displayed on the court.  Look no further than the six losses to end the season highlighted by a 32 point loss to the lowly Washington Wizards for proof.  The Atlanta Hawks have come to define NBA mediocrity.

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