Barry Bonds Found Guilty of Obstruction..Mistrial on Other Charges


Our Government who can’t even agree on a budget, who are engaged in three wars and has gas prices closing in on $5 a gallon, spent MILLIONS of dollars on the Barry Bonds trial only to have him found guilty of obstruction?

That is what all of our tax dollars went to?

I love America, but we a screwed up justice system.

The guilty verdict on obstruction of justice means the jury believed Bonds hindered a grand jury’s 2003 sports doping investigation by lying.

The judge, after speaking to the jury foreman, said she believes the mistrial is the proper decision given that the jury believes it has reached a crossroads.

I am praying the Feds don’t retry him on the deadlock charges, just let it go. Give Barry his probation or 30 days in the pen and move on.

Please I am begging you.


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