Basketball Wives Doubles Evelyn Lozada’s Salary To Keep Her on The Show

Are you playing Chess or Checkers?

You might not like Evelyn or her methods, but you must admit she is very good at getting what she wants and keeping herself as a “factor”, so to speak.

She has position herself as the “star” of Basketball Wives and in turn they showed her the money.

Evelyn Lozada got a HUGE raise before she struck a deal with VH1 to stay on board for Season 3 of “Basketball Wives” — in fact, we’re told she more than DOUBLED her old salary.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ, Evelyn didn’t get the $20k per episode she demanded … but we’re told she’s “very happy” with the counter-offer.

But Evelyn didn’t just get a pay bump — we’re told Producers also APOLOGIZED to Lozada for the way she was portrayed in the Season 2 finale … a huge reason why Evelyn was hesitant to re-sign with the network.

Straight Cash Homie.

If you an entertainer be it Charlie Sheen or Evelyn you always want to leverage yourself into the best situation possible.  Definitely don’t knock the hustle.


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  • Yes, she got her money…she knows how to pimp herself….

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