Boxer Ricky Hatton Officially Retires

I will always have a special place in my life for Ricky Hatton.

They say life is filled with snapshots, that shape your memories.  There are certain things in my life that I will always remember.

The kickball incident, my 7 catch 150 yard 2TD performance in my last high school football game (playoff loss), walking my 1st girlfriend back to her dorm room at Ohio State in a Jerry Rice jersey, being in the record store purchasing Smooth The Hustler when Tupac die, of course the birth of the Lil Princess and me dropping her shortly thereafter (she is ok, I think).

Then there is Las Vegas 2009 Ricky Hatton vs. Manny Pacquiao.  I had been to other boxing matches before and I had been to Vegas before, but I hadn’t been to Vegas as a credential member of the media for a boxing match.  I was understandably excited and while I didn’t think Hatton was going to win, I don’t think anyone expected what happened.

Hatton had already been knocked down twice and everyone was just in awe of the breathtaking performance of Pacquiao.  But when the guy hit the mat to signal the last 10 seconds of round 2 everyone sort of relaxed and took a deep breath then………..


I was sitting next to a filipino reporter and a guy who owned a boxing website and at least for 15 seconds we along with everyone else in the arena that Hatton was dead.

When I say dead, I mean deceased and six feet under.  Hatton thankfully was ok and was very cool the next day when I saw him at the pool, but he was never the same.

When someone takes your soul like that, you never recover.

He officially retired yesterday and I wish him well.  I also thank him for that “snapshot” even though I am sure everyone didn’t have that picture.

3 thoughts on “Boxer Ricky Hatton Officially Retires

  • Did he ever get that substance issue under control? I hope so. I remember watching the match and thought the same thing. His wife/gf/lady friend was shaking like a leaf. It was not a good look.

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