Brandon Marshall Has “Defensive Wounds” on His Hands From Stabbing

I am just speculating, but whatever sparked Michi Nogami Marshall to come after Brandon Marshall be it self defense or rage, it was something very serious.

When your hands are cut up from a stabbing that means the person who stabbed you was trying to kill you.

Until we have more details we can’t say what cause Mrs. Marshall to exploded in such a rage, but for now we know that she had bad intentions when she was wielding the knife.

ProFootballtalk has more on Marshall’s wounds.

In addition to being stabbed in the abdominal region during a domestic dispute late Friday night, Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall also suffered injuries to his hands.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Marshall had defensive wounds on both his hands.

As a wide receiver any issues with your hands can be career threatening.  It appears that Marshall will be fine, he is an extremely lucky individual.

He was right next to Darrent Williams when a bullet came through their limo window and killed Williams. Now he has survived a knife attack that depending on his wife’s aim could have killed him.

He needs to get his life in order.

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  • I’m not one to point out discrepancies normally but since this is such a sensitive matter I thought I’d just clarify that Marshall wasn’t in the limo with Darrent Williams, but he allegedly was the one that instigated the incident that led to the shooting… And it is assumed that those bullets were meant for Marshall’s car, not Williams’.

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