BSO Pretty Ladies: Draya Michele ( @DrayaFace )


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You may know Draya from her King Magazine and Show Magazine shoots or for being Chris Brown’s ex.

If you didn’t know her before you know her now.

4 thoughts on “BSO Pretty Ladies: Draya Michele ( @DrayaFace )

  • RT @BlkSportsOnline: I assume thr is story hre? RT @G_Polo: Ask ths b*tch whr her kid at RT BSO Pretty Ladies: Draya Michele ( @DrayaFace )

  • Too bad she cant take care of her kids, but neither here nor there.

  • Nice looking honey…that's for sure..

  • As a man I find that this woman is very attractive on the outside. The fact that she has left her young child in squalor conditions for long periods of time for selfish reasons has made her unattractive in my eyes. The very fact that she can do this concerns me and as a man I would not want to have that kind of woman for myself let alone be the mother of my children. Many men will say I just want to hit it ! Not I, this type of female is a turnoff, no substance just hype and fluff. Her priorities are all screwed up. Draya, no amount of fame will ever explain your inability to parent your son successfully. How will you explain this to him one day? For the father, where are you man?

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